Sitecore Personalization e-Guide

I wrote the Sitecore Personalization guide for Niteco a couple of weeks back and thought about sharing it here. I personally feel that this is the most extensive e-guide on Sitecore Personalization on the internet and i have tried to cover everything related to it. 

Inside the e-guide you  will find the following topics covered in detail.

  • How to get the most out of Sitecore’s Personalization tools
  • How Does Personalization Work (with a simple example)
  • Identifying User Behavior
  • Context Marketing
  • How to check your Digital Maturity Level
  • Challenges of Personalization
  • Why Sitecore?
  • What Sitecore offers OOTB
  • Sitecore Personalization Rules
  • Approaches to Personalization
  • Sitecore Personalization Pre-Requisites
  • Tools for Personalization
  • Content Architecture – Habitat / Helix
  • A Personalized World

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