SQL Cheat Sheet: A Comprehensive Guide

SQL or Structured Query Language is a standard language used to manage and manipulate relational databases. It allows users to create, modify, and retrieve data from databases. SQL is widely used by developers, analysts, and data scientists worldwide. This cheat sheet is designed to provide a quick reference for the most commonly used SQL statements.

Which OS to use with .Net Containers

Given the diversity of operating systems supported by Docker and the differences between .NET Framework and .NET Core, you should target a specific OS and specific versions depending on the framework you are using. For Windows, you can use Windows Server Core or Windows Nano Server. These Windows versions provide different characteristics (IIS in Windows

.Net Core OR .Net Framework for Dockers

There are two supported frameworks for building server-side containerized Docker applications with .NET; .NET Framework and .NET Core. They share many.NET platform components, and you can share code across the two. However, there are fundamental differences between them, and which framework you use will depend on what you want to accomplish. This section provides guidance

DevOps – What you need to Know about Continuous Delivery

I​n the past, solution delivery was oriented around the waterfall model. Development and delivery of applications was typically divided into many separate steps, such as gathering requirements, writing code, packaging, performing tests, installing the software, etc. Each step was typically owned by one team, which was responsible for only that part of the process, ignoring