Guide to Migrating from SharePoint 2013 to M365 – Step by step

Upgrading from the outdated SharePoint 2013 to the advanced Microsoft 365 (M365) platform has become a crucial step since SharePoint 2013 extended support is ending on 11th April 2023. Migration to M365 not only enhances collaboration and productivity but also takes advantage of the latest security features and cloud capabilities. In this blog post, I’ll

How to Find Files Exceeding Maximum URL Length using PowerShell in SharePoint Online

​Microsoft Office Excel files stored in deep Folder, sub-folder structures with long names often result in an error when they exceed the maximum file URL length of 218 characters. I wanted to proactively scan the entire SharePoint Online environment for Excel files with long URLs. Though i have found that up to 259 characters it

Connecting Team Sites to Office 365 Groups

When you create a new Office 365 group, there will be an associated SharePoint Team site is created automatically. In this case, we need a new Group with an existing team site. To start with, make sure connect to Office Group is enabled at tenant level. Login to SharePoint Online Admin Center >> Click on

Case of O 365 – Digital Workplace

​We often face the challenge of convincing customers that O 365 is the right choice for Digital Workplace and it addresses nearly every aspect with builtin functionality. In the developed countries its much easier but if you are some where in the APAC region and particularly in South East Asia you will get a list