SHAREPOINT INTRANET: Team Task List and Roles

I already mentioned in my previous article SharePoint Intranet: Learn to Tame the Monster about things you should consider before implementing an Intranet. Now its time to have a look at the ideal SharePoint Team Task List and Roles. Identifying and defining the roles and responsibilities is the one thing that can make the biggest difference for a SharePoint success with stability. Its extremely critical that we establish these task lists with roles and responsibilities as one of the first tasks on a SharePoint project; its absence is a common thread for any challenged project I have come across, which usually involved skipping or skimping on this step.

So i am not going to in a lot of details about who should be doing what exactly because it depends a lot on organizational structure and how people at the top would like to distribute workload. I will give you guys something to start with and this would help you streamline in accordance to your SharePoint Deployment. Below is a screenshot of my excel sheet which can be a good first step to define roles and responsibilities and here is the download link 🙂 >>!ArpS5TtZ-RRvrn0IrDJKeCFZ9OJc

I am also sharing the ideal SharePoint Task breakdown file so that you guys can have a close look at it.


Enjoy and next i’ll be sharing some stuff related to Project Management side of SharePoint Intranet.

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  1. Hi, Is there anyway you can please share the task breakdown file? Think it will really help with my sharepoint planning, thanks


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